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Defining Moment

The defining moment in Erin’s background, when she just knew, was seeing Michael Jackson throw a hat into the crowd during a concert! She said to herself, ‘I’m gonna do that one day’!

Originally writing lyrics on her own, Erin soon founded a band. However, a different genre, and following her heart towards Nashville, called her to go solo as a country pop singer and performer!


Erin has a consistent background in learning from the very best, including; studying with Berklee Online, and with the Songwriting Academy, collaborating, and being mentored by songwriting legends such as Mark Cawley, Charlie Dore, Paddy Byrne, and Phil da Costa. Also, she’s recently written with Grammy & Ivor Novello award winning Rob Davis (Kylie’s, ‘Can’t get you out of my head’) and with Jeff Franzel (Shawn Colvin’s, ‘Never saw blue like that’)!

After years of investment, Erin is a trained Speech Level Singing (SLS) singer, and is passionate about dance being a part of live performance.


A huge fan of country music, 70s funk, 80 and 90s rock and pop, Erin’s mainly up-tempo country pop tracks are vibrant stories, where the class and heart of Shania Twain meets the humour and feistiness of P!nk for high energy danceable and singable new classics!

The late greats of Elvis, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince, through to Bette Midler, Shania, P!nk, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, U2 and Beyonce – these are her idols!


The ‘jukebox in the sky’ always needs new great songs, and Erin wants to contribute songs that will inspire, entertain and energise fans to be the best that they can be, no matter what! Key lyrical themes are exploring personal identity, and overcoming life’s challenges! 


Erin’s intention is to show that even coming from a significantly disadvantaged background isn’t defining. You can claim back who you are, and support others to find where they belong! In fact, as far as she’s concerned, anything is possible! 


Born of American/Irish parentage, Erin was adopted and brought up in England! Being adopted is classed as the worst psychological trauma that a human being can suffer. As part of healing wounds, Erin found solace in her twin passions of sport and music! She’s been fortunate to represent England during a World Cup tournament! Where will her music take Erin? She’d love you to come on the journey with her!

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