Erin wears all in black and stands with her eyes closed, mouth open and hair draped over the left side of her face

Nashville = Fabulousness

Wow! What a fabulous trip I had to Nashville, or, Smashville, as it’s known to Nashville’s ice hockey fans! So why was Nashville so great?


From the moment I stepped off my Greyhound bus, and ventured into a wet late afternoon, I felt at home. This wasn’t familiar English or Irish weather talking, but rather an instinctive feeling of having arrived somewhere really special. That special feeling became very real, and lived, as a result of my time getting to know Music City.

Plectrum with Grand Ole Opry and number one written on it and inlayed into flooring

Make your dreams come true

Getting About

Everywhere I went, I felt so welcome. From commuting between my humble accommodation and various neighbourhoods, to meeting with the wonderful teams at ASCAP and NSAI. Also, in making new friends in the Bluebird Cafe line, and to talking with a stranger at a local nightspot. Nashvillians are so charming and warm, sharing their life and local knowledge with someone from out of town.

In the Waters

Musician’s rule Music City. Therefore, I found Nashville’s a City where music is a language that everyone speaks and everyone wants to be a part of. Music is so engrained in the local culture, that it runs in the waters, and it pours in the rain.

Nashville just washes over you, hence it makes you want to dive into and play in a big old mud pit of the magic that takes over your very being. Truly, Nashville is food for your soul, and nurturing for living life.

Please Can I Have Some More?

Local people didn’t just deliver, rather ‘Nashvillians smashed it out of the park’! My heart strings have been plucked like a good un. ‘In the pipe’ is a new song that’s rising up the charts, and could well hit #1.

I came home to England, and immediately planned my return to Nashville later in 2018. The countdown has started for me! Now it’s time for me to earn my reward of that second trip! Watch this space…